“This time they may not like what they read”, I thought these words when I publish this one.

10th sep,2020, morning 9:36 AM:

Like as usual, I am before my Laptop with a thought of checking my mails after a light breakfast under the fan in my room . But, when my eyes glanced this bookmark link, unconsciously I opened this site and started to type something which I feel inside.

The following are the thoughts of my brain in one moment and it narrates as it thinks in the form of a story like follows.

After a close observation, I came to know that there are no new days coming to my life.

Only old days come with a little or void modifications.

Have you ever thought of living this same moment already lived by you in the past ?

But, I thought and I, thinking,am even.

There’s a big reason for why I said the above line.


We did not like the past.

And , we can’t even love the present.

Then can we hope for a better future?

In hostel, I thought of having some free time for me to do my works( what ever the work may be).

But, here,before me, A heap of free time.

But, I’m not using it, I mean, I do not feel it as the same thing which I hoped for in my past.

But, a weird thing is that Now I want to have those hostel days which I do not wish to have in the past.

What ever the things we do not want to have in the past are attracted to us in the present.


what we think we need to have in the future (in the past time ), are neglected by us in the present.

Past is wasted, present is neglected and Hence the future is Hated!

There’s no much difference between the days & the nights and weeks & months and Years and the months!

I thought of doing something and started it,

but stopped it in the middle for no good reason.

Merely, I do not like myself. I mean, my doings are not my as per wishes.

Heart says something.

Mind listens another and,

Body does a completely a different one.

Can I say That Life which is not lived is not a mere life?

What can we call a life in which there’s nothing except these.

Gossips, phone calls, online posts, trending videos, typing texts, day dreaming, night sleeping,etc.


The unluckiest person is the one who ruled by the day.

I mean, who flows with air of his thoughts.

He started doing something,and all of sudden, hit by a thought of a line in the movie and started watching that movie.

I do not understand that (in that moment)

Either Is his fate already made to make him watch the movie or He himself made his fate to do that ?

I think there’s nothing so special in this life.

We do some things now at the present. In the future( when the present becomes past), either we will be happy or sad for what we did in the past. Depending on that, again, its future is decided.

I mean, What happens here is that,

Past becomes the Future (repeated) and

In mean while, The present is neither the past or the future nor even the Present itself.

It is just living( existing) in between them.

Do you think you like reading what you are reading. I think not. Because it’s all clumsy and there’s nothing in it.

Like the same as the Life, clumsy, and one has to live though he feels living it or not!

And finally,

I dream in the day and Sleep in the Night

So, My dreams are Sleeping.

See! always fictional stories or artificial things only look good because they are not real!

The one thing which is real is not good to listen because it’s real!

Thank you!

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