In our lives, we might definitely pass through a situation where we encounter the people we Like but we couldn’t express our feelings to them( what ever the reason may be). Based on this topic, this work is done .

To my luck or fuck, I’m not sure!


Context: My Love towards the LOVE urges me to sketch another complete drama, in which every role ( including me ) is a fictional one. Hope you all like (it). I, always, strongly believe (that) my readers and their interest towards my writings is only my valentine/ love that I…

Walls are painted, Rooms are all cleaned!

Done is the shopping, Done is the one year’s effort!

( Waiting for this moment from many days)

But, The day arrives so early this time.

The clock strikes ‘5’. By the time I made myself out, already the “Flame”(of BHOGI ) burns…

After this big blow of Corona, Wishing/hoping better things from (an) another new year is really a challenging one.

But, to be said, events like new year, birthdays, festivals etc., …


The liking I have in relation to RGUKT compassed me to spell this.

I sincerely devoted this blog to all my appealing mates of RGUKT!

RGUKT, not an institution but an emotion. Merely, it is a Life to Us.

It’s a six-year bond and a motherland for all of…

A cool evening with my self

Day ends as it starts.

Wishes remains as wishes only.

Nothing interests me except Boredom.

Even it also doesn’t stay stable.

In life, I never think, I am a just a little part in it.

It goes on with out my interference.

I got…

“Stop it!

How dare you touch me there on my body ?

Get out!”,

She scolds me like that when I touched her.

Two years ago:

I’m a normal guy like many. Having nothing in my life style except going to classroom, lending my ears to the teachers’ words,pasting the words dropped from their mouths on the notes and coming back to the dorms.

That’s the how…

“This time they may not like what they read”, I thought these words when I publish this one.

10th sep,2020, morning 9:36 AM:

Like as usual, I am before my Laptop with a thought of checking my mails after a light breakfast under the fan in my room . …

Have you ever wished to anyone?

May be your parents,teachers,siblings,or strangers On their birthdays or marriage days or any other event like this?

“Of course, You did”, I think.

But,before answering that question, Let me ask you another basic question.

Why do we wish anyone? What’s the need of it?

During these nice, unwanted, infinite holidays,days are flipped like a die, but even much faster.

Day starts with the mobile and even ends with it too. The day has nothing in it except charging the devices to de-charge them. Apps are uninstalled and reinstalled like a cycle. …

Vakada Tirumala Rao

A seed of IIIT with infinite passion to Learn and Grow.

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